A Love for Community

The Bargain Bill & Friends Show

Though this show began with Bill’s innate knack for helping people find quality art and vintage pieces at the best price, a love for community soon emerged. Travel with Bill and his dear friend, Lana, as they visit places, such as, The haven, The Stock Exchange, and The Gathering Table, where Bill’s philanthropic bent collides with his uniquely fine-tuned taste for beautiful antique pieces.

Everyone can find great art and decorative pieces at ten cents on the dollar.

The twenty-five episodes of the Bargain Bill and Friends Show follow Bill and friends as they prove to everyone how they can find great art and decorative pieces at ten cents on the dollar. More than that, the adventures opened Bill’s heart to community involvement when he discovered worthy programs in his own back yard, such as The Haven and The Gathering Table that help those with hardships and other disabilities. The Bargain Bill and Friends Show was a web series created by Bill and co-host Lana Bishop. The purpose of the show was to showcase local Cape Coral charities,

and to educate viewers as to how they could buy quality goods and furniture at affordable prices. Throughout the duration of the show Bill made a number of charitable donations to nonprofit organizations that support people with disabilities, including The Haven and The Gathering Table (including their Exceptional Entrepreneurs program). Bill additionally used the series as a way to learn the process of creating and advertising videos, and developed comfortability in front of cameras. The facebook page has been temporarily taken down, as the Rainbow Movement explores cutting the best footage into a pilot for the series.