The Rainbow Movement

Mira: The Miracle Channel

The Miracle Channel includes films, videos, and series of all lengths that document spiritual experiences, culminating in an online film festival called Miracle Film Festival. Submissions are free for interested filmmakers and artists.

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People sharing their experiences on miracles. Everyone has a story.

While describing his rainbow experiences people are generally very receptive, and he sometimes meets others with similar rainbow or spiritual experiences to his own. One of Bill’s goals is to create a video series where he invites people out to the park to be interviewed about their experiences. He plans to use these interviews as one way of sharing his own experiences and promoting other people’s miracles as they are encouraged to see them as gratitude enabling everyday occurrences.

Another venture Bill is pursuing is Mira: The Miracle Channel. Mira is a concept for a streaming service that acquires the rights to massive amounts of digital media for free by hosting an online film festival called Miracle Film Festival. The logistics of the film festival are firmly in place, and Miracle Film Festival will open its submission season and begin accepting submissions shortly.

Submissions are free for interested filmmakers and artists.The streaming service would be available as a mobile (iOS and Android) or web application to start. Programming for the application is about halfway through development, and has been placed on hold while other projects receive primary focus. The film festival, however, can launch and begin media acquisition prior to the completion of the mobile application.

Mira will include films, videos, and series of all lengths, and the app will be offered to viewers free of charge. The streaming service aims to sustain itself solely through advertising money and donations. Mira also acts as a distribution platform for Bill’s media work, and as a means of retaining an audience from Bill’s various series and promotions. Bill’s video series, such as The Grandfather Diaries , and The Bargain Bill Show and documentaries highlighting charities, will be flagships for the Mira application and will be some of the first options a viewer sees.