Stories of Redemption, inspired by a rainbow.

Rainbow Movement Iniciatives & Experiences

There are stories and experiences to share through the Rainbow Movement, we hope to inspire many more!

Our Initiatives

National Health Insurance...

The solution to America’s healthcare crisis.

How can America afford to have the best healthcare system in the world?
By finding a better, more efficient way to spend the money we are already spending.

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The 1% Solution...
A businessman and an economist say their 1% mortgage plan will increase economic growth, attack racial disparity, and not add to taxes.


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MIRA : Miracle Film Festival...

People sharing their experiences on miracles. Everyone has a story.

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After the Rainbow
A Children's Book by Dennis Paulaha, PhD
Once there was an old man who lived alone in a big house next to a big river. He was not the oldest old man living in a big house next to the big river.

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The Grandfather Diaries...

Bill tells his life story to his granddaughter, Marlowe, through a web series called The Grandfather Diaries.

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Our Experiences

Rainbow Laws...

My personal experience that led me to work for new laws to protect condo residents, especially seniors and those with disabilities, from discrimination and bullying by condo boards…

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Bill's Rainbow Sightings...

Something amazing happened while Bill Ulrich was sitting on his lanai, pondering the life choices he had made and trying to find a way to rekindle his relationship with his adult children.

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Chinese Delegation Sponsorship...

The Rainbow Movement was part of a group which welcomed the Chinese delegation from Baise, China to Cape Coral in a cultural and economic development sister city exchange.

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Bungee Cord Program...

This enjoyable, comprehensive workout program is picking up where traditional physical therapy and medication has largely failed.

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Exceptional Entrepreneurs Tapes...

Join Bill Ulrich as he visits the Exceptional Entrepreneurs where he discovers the supportive vocational training environment for people with disabilities…

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The Bargain Bill & Friends Show

The Bargain Bill and Friends Show follows Bill and his dear friend, Lana, as they show you how they can find great art and decorative pieces at a fraction of their original price.

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About Our Founders

William J. Ulrich

The life I believe I was destined to live began when I walked through the doors of a prison where I would spend the next 40 months of my life. Until that moment, I kept telling myself I hadn’t done anything wrong, that I was being bullied again, as I was as a child, and that my lawyers would save me. But they couldn’t, because I had done something wrong. And now I had to pay for it. Until then, my life seemed to parallel that of a Dickens’ novel. I was like Scrooge, bullied and laughed at as a child and then, as an adult, bullying others as I devoted myself to running successful businesses and making a lot of money while big parts of life seemed to pass me by. I made tens of millions of dollars thinking business success and money were all I would need to be happy. I was wrong, of course. But, like many other successful businessmen, I did not take the time to look up and see what I was missing.


Dennis Paulaha Ph.D.

Dr. Paulaha has B.S. and M.A. degrees in economics from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington with a specialization in environmental economics. As a college and university professor, he taught macroeconomic and microeconomic theory at the principles, intermediate, advanced and graduate level, monetary theory and policy, environmental economics, and special issues courses.

In the real world, he wrote investment newsletters with more than 70,000 paid subscribers and was Vice President of research and marketing for a national brokerage firm. He has been interviewed by magazines and newspapers and has appeared on television and radio programs discussing his books.