The Rainbow Movement stands with those who need a voice and supports projects that provide a better quality of life for those in need.

About Us

William Ulrich and Dennis Paulaha have initiatives based on their experiences, which they carry out with the support of a dedicated team.

Our purpose is to promote actions and initiatives that impact the Quality of Life of the people!" with "Our purpose is to use video, promotion, and education to serve charity organizations that help other people"

- William Ulrich and Dennis Paulaha, PhDFounders of Rainbow Movement

Our Founders

William J. Ulrich


William “Bill” Ulrich is a man with a huge heart and a mission to make the world a better place. Through doing good works, spreading his miracle experience and promoting charities, Bill hopes to share with the world and give back to others.


Dennis Paulaha Ph.D.


Dr. Dennis Paulaha has B.S. and M.A. degrees in economics from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington with a specialization in environmental economics. As a college and university professor, he taught macroeconomic and microeconomic theory at the principles, intermediate, advanced and graduate level, monetary theory and policy, environmental economics, and special issues courses. In the real world, he wrote investment newsletters with more than 70,000 paid subscribers and was Vice President of research and marketing for a national brokerage firm. He has been interviewed by magazines and newspapers and has appeared on television and radio programs discussing his books.


Lana Bishop


Lana has also experienced the miracle of the rainbow and joins Bill in his efforts to do good work through the Rainbow Movement. Seeing the great transformation in Bill and having her own strong spirituality, Lana eagerly joined Bill in his efforts. She is a talent on her own as a poet and singer/songwriter when not lending her skills to co-hosting the Grandfather Diaries and other initiatives with Bill.

Our Team Members

Justin Verley.

Media Manager.

Justin Verley is Director of Digital Media and one of the original directors of the Rainbow Movement, a 501c3 non-profit that promotes positive causes and organizations that do good in the world. Additionally, he is an experienced video professional with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry, skilled in business planning, video marketing, and digital and social media strategy. Justin is an active member of the film community, and curates several art and film festival events nationwide.

Debbie Keri-Brown.

Spiritual Advisor.

Debbie is the spiritual advisor for the Rainbow Movement and is a nondenominational minister.  She is a motivational speaker, holistic practitioner and recipient of the 2015 spirituality award from Purpose For Women.  As an active community volunteer, she has won numerous awards for increasing the awareness of the creative talents of people with disabilities as well as for the best radio show in the Ohio on public broadcasting stations where she was the producer and host for 28 years.  Debbie is the published author of two books on bargain hunting and is also an accomplished jewelry artist.  She joined the Rainbow Movement team in 2017.

Ricardo Jaramillo.

Web Designer.

Ricardo Jaramillo is Colombian, Industrial Designer from the National University of Colombia, and Master in Disability from the Autonomous University of Manizales. He has a long history in product development and university teaching. His professional approach has always been developed around human factors and in the development of projects to improve people’s quality of life. Since 2016, he has been based in the state of Florida.

Samantha Luque.

Lead Videographer.

Samantha Luque is the lead videographer for the rainbow movement. For the last few years she traveled the world as a filmmaker and photographer. She recently graduate from Saint Leo University with a double majored in multimedia management and communication management. “I’m excited to embark on this rainbow journey with the rainbow movement!”

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